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It's been a busy week and I did pretty well with my eating - not so well with my working out. Either way as soon as I upload this podcast I'm gonna be running it with you. We're going 5 minutes of walking, 10 running, 3 walking, 10 running and then cooling down for 5 or however long you need.
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Alright week 6 is upon us and we'll be doing a 5 minute walking warm up followed by 5 minutes of jogging, 3 minutes of walking, 8 minutes of jogging, 3 minutes of walking, 5 minutes of jogging and 5 minutes of cooling down.


The bands used in this podcast are:

Padre Pio - Madeline

Trent Lange - Fever

Von Iva - Do It

Victor Imbres and Run DMC - Hard Times

Ida Corr Vs. Fedde Le Grand - Let Me Think About It

Location - Starpusher

Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins - You are what you love

Tilly and the Wall - Rainbows in the Dark

Trokin Youth Remix - Bathroom Gurgle

Cake - Rock 'n Roll Lifestyle

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What a spectacular day - the inauguration of our new President, Barack Obama. It is rare for me to be patriotic, but the night of the election and all day today has been quite a whirlwind of incredible emotions. Since I am an emotional eater (even when it's for happy things) my feelings tasted like a Potbelly's vegetarian sub with no cheese, add hot peppers. I had to come to work early and stay late so I haven't been able to hit the gym. It looks like tomorrow will have to be day one of week 6, hopefully I'll be able to find some good tunes before then.
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As promised, here is week 5 part 3 of the couch to 5k program. I have been sick all week but since it is freezing at my desk I felt the need to run just so that my fingertips would stop turning blue. So far it has worked. This week was tough but it actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The stopping and starting of the other weeks seem to have made the running parts a little harder to get back into - this week I glided along and I hope you will too.

Oh, and you'll notice I'm not breathing heavily in this one, it's so that the audio quality would be better for you. When I ran it I noticed there is one kind of weird loud part towards the very end. Sorry! Otherwise, enjoy.

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I am illin right now - coming down with a bad cold and I can barely breathe out of my nostrils. I am such a pretty girl right now. Work has me tied up, which is why I haven't posted anything on here much less a podcast. Have no fear, I will return with one this week even if I sound like I'm speaking under water.

Yours in chub,


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The couch to 5k program that I follow is from an awesome website called Cool Running and the next few weeks of training has different intervals for each training session. So here is the second of three week 5 podcasts as promised. We're doing a 5 minute walking warm-up, 8 minutes jogging, 5 minutes brisk walking, 8 minutes of jogging (which always makes me feel like I'm going to poop my pants) and then the cool down for another 5 minutes of walking or more.
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Yesterday was the first time in probably a year or two that I actually stayed within my Weight Watchers points. I'm pretty proud of myself, especially since I worked out. Also, I was watching The Biggest Loser which is a huge inspiration but also tends to get me hungry for some reason. Is that weird? I suppose it's like when I watch Intervention and just want to drink whiskey and smoke cigarettes through the whole thing (in fact that's what I used to do). Something about other people working hard to combat their addictions, food or otherwise, makes me want to reach for them more. Last night was a success though and I decided to make a real effort to take time for myself. An hour of the gym per day isn't going to make my time on the couch with my girlfriend and our animals any less fantastic. In fact, I really think it will make things better because I'll feel better about myself. Now I just need to remember this when it's time to hit the gym.

I'll be recording part 2 of this week's podcasts today since week 5 has three parts. As I said earlier this week, the music will be the same, but the running intervals will be different. I'm sore as hell but I got myself into this mess, now it's time to get myself out.

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Maybe it's the PMS talking or the fact that I know I'll be going to the gym later today but I can't stop thinking about food. I just ate what should be a filling lunch but my mouth is watering for more. So far today, I've eaten the following: Breakfast: whole wheat toast with hummus, tomato and cucumber Snack: Salad with gardeniera, cucumber, tomato, onion and 2 Tbsp fat free poppyseed dressing Lunch: Homemade vegetable soup, Costco falafel in a whole wheat pita with hummus, tomato, cucumber and hot sauce. Yummy in my tummy but momma wants more food. My options are: Eat more Drink some water/tea to kill some time and see if I'm still hungry Slap myself in the face multiple times until I get over it Actually do some work Only one of those options sounds appealing and it's the one that I'm not supposed to do. So instead I'll get some tea and do some work and by that time I'll probably have to run to my next meeting.
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Here's a little interview (a very loud one...notice I have some audio difficulties in everything I do?) I did with the band Barcelona who is featured in the 5th week podcast:
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New Year, New Use for Blog It's my dog Marshall Jolie-Pitt's 1st birthday today and I couldn't be more excited. It's been a really long time since I've posted anything on here and I guess it never occurred to me to use this as something more than just a place to put my podcast. But let's be honest, that's lame! So, since it's the beginning of a new year, I am going to treat this as more of an actual place for me to put my dumb ramblings especially when I'm hungry and want to find something else to do with my hands other than go to the vending machine eventhough there's never anything I actually want in there. Sound good? Good.
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Couch to 5k Week 5 - Here I go again on my own Wow, I'm back after a long time of being out. Forgive me, I was sick. Also, the choices of music for me to use weren't up to par with what I would want to give to you fine folks who are forcing yourselves to go through the hell that is running (myself included). This week's program is a weird one which will be done in three parts but with the same music each time because, I don't have time to look for more and because it makes my booty shake. You'll listen to it three times and then you're done with it if you don't like it, so there. The artists included are (in order) My Dear Disco - White Lies Mink Records - 7 Days Deastro Keepers - The Shaded Forests School of Seven Bells - Chain Happy Anarchy - Personal Judas Barcelona - It's About Time
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