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Yesterday was the first time in probably a year or two that I actually stayed within my Weight Watchers points. I'm pretty proud of myself, especially since I worked out. Also, I was watching The Biggest Loser which is a huge inspiration but also tends to get me hungry for some reason. Is that weird? I suppose it's like when I watch Intervention and just want to drink whiskey and smoke cigarettes through the whole thing (in fact that's what I used to do). Something about other people working hard to combat their addictions, food or otherwise, makes me want to reach for them more. Last night was a success though and I decided to make a real effort to take time for myself. An hour of the gym per day isn't going to make my time on the couch with my girlfriend and our animals any less fantastic. In fact, I really think it will make things better because I'll feel better about myself. Now I just need to remember this when it's time to hit the gym.

I'll be recording part 2 of this week's podcasts today since week 5 has three parts. As I said earlier this week, the music will be the same, but the running intervals will be different. I'm sore as hell but I got myself into this mess, now it's time to get myself out.

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