The Chubby Jones Podcast
Workout podcasts for beginning runners to get off your butt and start moving.

Start with your 5 minute walking warm-up, and then get your head together to run/jog/walk/twerk for the next 28 minutes. For more info on the music in this podcast, visit

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And now for a Chubby Jones first: I had the pleasure of interviewing Yuri El-Keem. He's a health, fitness and nutrition expert, former pro soccer player and New York Times best selling author. You can find out more about Yuri at Enjoy.

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We made it to week 7! We'll be doing our regular 5 minute walking warm-up, followed by 25 minutes of nonstop running! Lace up them shoes, stretch it out and get ready to leave behind any limiting beliefs you brought with you because you're about to kick some serious ass.

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