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Couch to 5k Week 5 - Here I go again on my own Wow, I'm back after a long time of being out. Forgive me, I was sick. Also, the choices of music for me to use weren't up to par with what I would want to give to you fine folks who are forcing yourselves to go through the hell that is running (myself included). This week's program is a weird one which will be done in three parts but with the same music each time because, I don't have time to look for more and because it makes my booty shake. You'll listen to it three times and then you're done with it if you don't like it, so there. The artists included are (in order) My Dear Disco - White Lies Mink Records - 7 Days Deastro Keepers - The Shaded Forests School of Seven Bells - Chain Happy Anarchy - Personal Judas Barcelona - It's About Time
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